Anyone who knows me knows that one of my hobbies is Gaming. I love RPGs, MMORPGs, video games, and even board games. I prefer those that involve more strategy than luck - because I don't have a lot of that. Card games in particular just don't work for me - I have repeatedly been killed in MtG games before drawing my second land even though I kept more than the standard 1:3 in there.

I spent just about 15 years playing Everquest & then EQII. I am currently playing Star Trek Online - though the time I have available to do so has been dramatically curtailed this year due to work.

My collection of Table Top RPG games is fairly extensive - though by no means exhaustive. Like many people my fallback is D&D. I have most of the 2nd edition books, but unfortunately, I haven't had a consistent gaming group since then so I haven't invested heavily in 3 or 3.5,  and I have non of the 4th edition books. I have just started with a new gaming group, so I picked up the players book for 5th edition. I like some of the things they've done with it, but as a "skill" player I'm having trouble coming to terms with how they set up the non-combat skills. I tend to play support characters rather than front line combat and without being a 3rd level bard or a rogue, there's really little difference between skilled and unskilled. At 6th level, you're only 15% more likely to succeed with training than you are without. At 6th level, I'm used to having +9 in the skill and increasing every level. Now it's +3 and you increase +1 every 4 levels. It's not bad, it just means that how I play the character is going to have to change - fast talking my way past the guards isn't going to be as easy as it was.

Beyond D&D, I like futuristic games - Cyberpunk 2020 has long been a favorite, as has Shadowrun and Gamaworld. Paranoia is an interesting diversion but not something I have ever enjoyed for a long term campaign. I've been interested in Feng Shui for a while now - any game where you get in game advantages for making the motion & sound of a racking a shotgun has to be at least playable right?

I'm also a fan of OWOD - the original Mage, Werewolf, and Vampire settings were enjoyable - again, I haven't played in a long time.